Waiting for the end…..


What you feel the longest wait would be of life?

The longest wait in life would be lying on death bed and waiting for the end.

I have seen my closed one craving for death, asking for mercy, and the family members stand there helpless, praying to god for mercy for relief. I have seen them dying in front of my eyes, I was standing there crying.

Just want to ask God,

Why you created this world and if you created why you brought suffering down here, isn’t it was enough for you that people die, you just make them suffer first and sitting above there watching them in pain. Why GOD?

How strange is life isn’t it !! We get attached to this world which is not ours at the end and the strangest part is we don’t know our end.

Lastly before ending my thought just want to say a phrase of song sung by linkin park.
Waiting for the end to come
Wishing I had strength to stand
This is not what I had planned
It’s out of my control
Flying at the speed of light
Thoughts were spinning in my head
So many things were left unsaid
It’s hard to let you go

(Oh) I know what it takes to move on
(Oh) I know how it feels to lie
(Oh) All I want to do
Is trade this life for something new
Holding on to what I haven’t got


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