Promises word reminds me of the song by backstreet boys “10000 promises” 

We promise everyday 

We promise to our parents, our lover, our freinds and to ourself. 

We promise some thing small, something big… 

But we will never promise ourself to stay happy… Why?? 

There should be the reason 

There is saying “if you want to stay happy then it’s your responsibility to be happy, no one will guard for your happiness” 

And that’s in fact true…. You knw why we stay unhappy? why we get hurt by people? 

This is the reason, we make people, our friends, our family responsible for our happiness… 

Technically it’s very simple to stay happy just ignore other people ego, anger, mood etc just leave the argument if you feel you are unhappy there is no point in making people understand your point of view if the other person is not going to listen.

I knw you must find this funny but try it, just leave the situation, leave anger, leave ego. 

And I assure you will be a much happier person.

Afterall being unhappy in life should not be an option because you really don’t knw when you gonna die… 


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