Obviously Selfish

Just cant imagine how people change there colour saying they are good friends, and using you in name of friendship and then making you suck your head deep down in water because of not knowing what game they played but as soon as you realize its late, the damage has already been done to your trust and your heart.

There are few ways to know that whether this person is obviously selfish.

  1. If you turn out to help them in any situation but they don’t show up when you stuck in one.
  2. You reply to there each message immediately but they don’t even reply to your simple wishes.
  3. They tend to be sweet, polite, generous to make there work done and then throw you out of there way just like a garbage.
  4. When they don’t consider your advice and cut you in what you saying for no reason.

Such people are considered as Obviously Selfish and you should get rid of them as soon as possible


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