I came across this word trough social sight, it really gave me a click of what my personality tends to be .

Ambivert means those who are introvert as well as extrovert.

Today I completely admit with this word because of situation I am facing.

I had this closed friend of mine whom I am trying to convince for giving her exams but she had made her mind for not giving it and I am very sure that she is doing all so wrong with taking this decision

So I messaged her this morning making her rethink but as I said before she had made her mind for it, her reply was very cold, making mad at myself for doing that.

I know its not a big deal but being ambivert it sucks to me, to advice the closed one without asking.

Hence form now onwards I have made my mind to not give any advice to anyone whether its your mom, dad, husband or your best friend.

It feels really bad when your point is side-lined. It definitely make you feel guilty for now reason.



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