Layer One: Childhood

Childhood is nothing but GOD being sarcastic with us at the very beginning of our life, making us realise that he is supreme. The sarcasm God play with us is not let us remember the very initial stage of our life which are beautiful.

Layer Two: Teenage

People say this is the stage where you either make your life useful or waste it like a jerk, but my question is how exactly one is going to understand this, where as -he/she is been in this world just for past 12 years.

Thus there comes to play God another creation parents.

God was definitely sarcastic in the beginning, but after all he is our creator so he is being generous

We remember our teenage every moment, we remember our first crush, our first break through, our first check everything because this  teen years make you go through your life everything for first time.

Layer Three: 20s to 40s

I would say this is the most difficult phase of life you have to face all questions relating to settling down, earning, you have to face lot of departures of your loved ones and you welcome new people and new role two your life.

In- short this phase completely changes you

Layer Four: Old age

I don’t know what to say about this. Ill just pray that when we all grow old we have some one beside us to say “Hey mom, Hey Dad, Hey Dear, Hey Friend” I am here and we die in peace just by hearing this.

I have just tried to simplified life in layers but life is way more beautiful then going through this layer monotonously

So live your life to fullest try to help people in all possible way you can







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