Does shifting to completely new place,new city gives you Goosebumps?? Have you ever thought how will you manage??

The Answer will be yes for above Question but still you shift. Why?? Why this city ? Why this place?

The answer for why is Hope.

You hope this new city has saved lot of prosperity and happiness for you.


This is such a place its place where you have hope, the people of this city are helpful its not like other city who will just keep watching of what is going on. You get help for your minute troubles.

I was new to this city 4 years back but now I feel this is my home.I dint knew anyone it was only my husband whom I have to stay supported for. Slowly this city brought hand of friendship towards me I gathered hope and became friends.

Now in this four years my City Vadodara have given me abundant joy

This place has everything, you ask for and you get

I love my City, here I came with a hope so I call my City- A City of Hope

Hope you friends also love your city and must be doing good for its prosperity.

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