10 June: My last day of course

It was my last day of my course and i have never felt ever like this before ever ending any course
Guess!!! people say collage is awesome you will always remember…
Well I guess it would be different for me because it was my last day for my traning course of General Managment and Communication Skill and i felt magical
I felt sad,i felt happy ,i felt… i dont want to go..
But today its completing one year of my course and still i feel to leave same feeling again.
Going to same class
Having same lecture
Having same bunch of people
But i knw i it would never ever happen again.
So i am writing just to tell how i feel same as i use to feel one year before
I would always be there for my friends whom i met in my course.
And i want to tell them all that i miss them.
It is said that you always remember beginning and end for life of your amazing journey and fact is yes you do.
You will always remember whats you have felt awsome…isn’t it😜

So i end up writing my amazing day of my life
Hope to have such Memorial days to all of you.


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