“He got Angry, I got Angry

So did our Ego

He left me alone, I decided to stay alone

and hence left apart

Why came in, Decision came out

Mercy our child

What I thought a happy ending, but world is round

so end got Sad

I tried to survive, He survived, Ego survived

But within our love died”

Getting Angry is normal human emotion but holding up to it not welcomed.

Generally 50% of crimes or domestic violence or business disputes not just arouse because of anger it’s because of angry person ego.

You must be quite aware of this post that:

Usually your angry behaviour just last for 10 to 15 minutes , rest is all overthinking.

Well, this over thinking means-why should I tell sorry its not my fault, I will not let it go this time, enough is enough etc etc.

Why we always make our life complicated. Be reasonable let it go

So let go anger guys it’s just take minutes to go but life to hold.



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