You must have heard of the saying “devil whisper in my ear you cant beat the storm, I whisper back in devil ear, I am the storm”

Sometimes GOD puts you in such a state where you scared to take any step further. You just sit back and think now what, what next.

why are we Sacred.?

I guess we are scared to awake, we are scared of reality, we are scared to loose, we are scared of devil inside us.

Facing truth is the biggest scary part of my life

Tell me what’s yours???

Lets just discuss and speak in our devil ears that we are the storm.


Yesterday I saw this Hindi(India) U/A movie.

This movie, I don’t know whether it was fiction or based on real story but it has really Overwhelming impact on our mind who is patriotic to his/her country.

I strongly recommend every Indian Citizen to watch ones this movie just for our nation


Time-A Fading life


Time heals every depest wound, its just you have to  understand how deep it is,shallow the wound lesser time it takes to heal,deeper the wound  more pain and more time it will take

Time fades scar, memoery,happiness,sorrow,hurt,heartbreak

This memory,scar,sorrow,hurt,heartbreak,love,happiness- reconcile to our passing life

Our life is made of this faded experinces which gives a very strong impact .

This Faded memory and scars lets make you cherriesh,whip,learn,figh,understand the meaning of life.


This word reminds me of Earthquakes. One of the major calamity

I remember what is earthquake like; the world is shaking beneath your legs, trembling  shivering.

In the seconds the GOD shows his super power leaving human speechless, but more horror begins after the calamity has occur. The buildings are collapsed, the people shouting crying, sobbing for there family who are underground, Chaos, injured people. It seems like you are witnessing a scary dream.

Not only this, the life of people changes in fraction of seconds, they become homeless, they had to beg to find the shelter, food, water and  in just fractions of minutes everything changes .

God Shows his power and you go hopeless, but do you know what is most scary part of this earthquake is, it is the voice of people shouting for help  who are underground

That voice of people shouting recklessly stills eco in my ears and it has brought me  a Nightmare which i’ll remember till the last breath of mine.